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Pupils In Row


The Key has helped school leaders ...

... by being a first port of call


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what The Key provides. I use it literally every single day without fail. The Key is my homepage on my computer. You’ve got everything that I need. Besides the question and answer function that I’ve just used, you have Live Chat, CPD Toolkit and Compliance Tracker. I’ve already told a few other schools about you. I wish you continued success.

Martin Katz, school leader
Beis Yaakov High School, Manchester

... to save time


We are part of a consortium, and we can all look for different things on The Key's website and then share them with one another because we all have access. The service saves time in meetings because we have all looked and prepared in advance; we are better informed and ready to discuss agenda items.

Tony Lacey, headteacher
Arden Primary School, Birmingham

... when reviewing school policies


The sample policies you have provided are brilliant and will save me and my headteacher a lot of time – time we can allocate to other areas of school life.

Marie Mirfin, school business manager
Foxwood Academy, Nottinghamshire

... to get reliable answers to questions


I sent a question to the researchers at The Key and it was great to be able to park my query with them on a Friday afternoon, knowing I'd get a full answer back the following week. I could leave it to one side instead of worrying about it over the weekend.

Maria Lloyd, headteacher
Andrews' Endowed Church of England Primary School, Hampshire


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