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  • Administering medicines in school: guidance What guidance is there on administering medicines to pupils? This article summarises key points in guidance from the Department for Education on administering medicines in schools and the early years. You will also find a KeyDoc with advice for staff on administering medicines to pupils.
  • Administering medicines: parental consent Find out how you can seek permission to give non-prescription medicines to pupils, and what to do if a parent doesn't consent. Plus, download and use our multi-purpose consent form.
  • Administering medicines: template record forms Is there a template for recording which pupils we have administered medicine to? We point to a template form for recording all medication administered to pupils, and one for recording medication administered to individual pupils. We also provide guidance on how long to store these records.
  • EpiPens in school: guidance and risk assessments Find guidance on keeping spare EpiPens on site and administering them to certain pupils in an emergency. Plus, find examples of consent forms and risk assessments.
  • First aid provision: requirements and guidance Find out what you need to do to comply with requirements on first aid provision in schools and early years settings. Also see the Health and Safety Executive's (HSE's) guidance on first aid during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Individual healthcare plans: guidance, templates and examples Is there a set format for individual healthcare plans (IHPs)? The Department for Education (DfE) explains that there is no set format, as IHPs will vary based on individual needs. We point to examples of IHPs, including a template from the DfE, and look at what they should include.
  • Supporting pupils with asthma Get government advice on supporting pupils with asthma and on the use of emergency inhalers, including guidance on staff responsibilities, parental consent and policies.
  • Supporting pupils with complex medical needs Find out about the statutory requirements around pupils with complex medical needs, and how to seek additional help if you are struggling to support them.