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  • Changing the length of the school day Read the rules on setting and changing the school day for maintained schools and academies. Get advice on how to consult on the changes, and see examples of other schools' consultations.
  • Ending the school day early Understand the rules on ending the school day early and who is responsible for your pupils during early closures. See examples of schools that close early on certain days.
  • Restructuring the school day: examples See examples of schools that have restructured their school day, including schools that have staggered their lunch breaks.
  • Structuring the school year (academies) Learn what the rules are for structuring your school year, what considerations to have and when you must seek approval from the DfE.
  • Structuring the school year (maintained schools) Some maintained schools can set their own term dates. Find out who is responsible for this in your school, what the regulations are, and whether you can set different term dates for different year groups.
  • Teaching time and timetabling in primary schools It's up to you to decide how much teaching time to allocate to each subject. See examples of how other primary schools have allocated teaching time across their timetables.
  • Timetabling in special schools Create your school timetable successfully by following our guidance. Find out what you need to consider before and during the planning process. You can also see examples of timetables from a range of special schools.