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  • Coronavirus: addressing pupil anxiety Tips for staff to support younger children and links for older pupils to help keep on top of coronavirus-related worries.
  • Coronavirus: returning to school after a death UpdatedThe death of a headteacher, teacher or staff member will be felt deeply by the entire school community. It can be difficult for pupils and staff to adjust to someone new filling the role of the deceased – here are some tips to help you and others in your school to get through this difficult transition.
  • Coronavirus: supporting pupils through bereavement UpdatedBereavement during coronavirus presents a special set of challenges. Get expert advice on how best to communicate with and support pupils who are grieving in the age of social distancing.
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  • Coronavirus: providing free school meals (FSM) during term time UpdatedFind out how you can provide meals to eligible pupils who are at home during the national lockdown, including through food parcels or the national voucher scheme. Plus, share our factsheet with parents to explain which pupils are eligible and what they need to do to access the support you're offering.
  • Coronavirus: providing free school meals (FSM) during the holidays UpdatedFind out about government food funding for vulnerable families over the holidays, and get guidance on how you can lean on your community to support pupils who aren't covered by the scheme. Use our template letter to ask businesses for donations, and see our list of local charities that you can contact for support.
  • Coronavirus: safeguarding vulnerable pupils during partial school closure UpdatedYou should strongly encourage vulnerable pupils to attend school in person during the national lockdown. Be clear how to safeguard these pupils if they're not in school and keep contact with them.
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