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  • Assessing progress in foundation subjects (primary) Understand how to assess effectively in foundation subjects. Mix and match 6 assessment activities to help you, and see how a primary school has approached foundation subject assessment.
  • Assessing reading (primary) Read guidance on how to assess guided reading, and learn how schools assess pupils' abilities. You'll also find links to examples of assessment resources, and further guidance on assessing whole-class reading.
  • How to moderate teacher assessments: primary As a middle leader, learn how to conduct effective moderation exercises to help teachers make accurate and consistent judgements of pupils’ progress. Use our templates to help you moderate reading, writing and maths.
  • Progression grids: primary Progression grids can help teachers understand what progress looks like for their pupils. Have a look at these examples of subject and skills progression grids to help you develop your own.
  • Setting targets in primary schools Find out about setting targets under a mastery curriculum model, and have a look at examples of approaches different primary schools take for agreeing pupils’ targets.