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  • Key Stage 2 SATs in 2022 Get an overview of how KS2 SATs will work in 2021/22. Download and share this QuickRead with colleagues as a ready-made resource.
  • Key Stage 2 SATs: which pupils shouldn't take them? Be clear on who should and shouldn't sit the Key Stage (KS) 2 SATs. If you withdraw pupils, download and adapt our template to help you meet your requirements around informing parents of your decision.
  • Standardisation and exemplification materials for writing (primary) Is there a proforma for standardising writing samples? This article features a KeyDoc proforma for standardising writing samples against the English curriculum attainment targets. We also link to examples of exemplification materials from the STA and a local authority.
  • Year 4 multiplication tables check: requirements and guidance Find out what you'll need to do to administer the year 4 multiplication tables check – a statutory requirement for 2021/22. Understand how to log in to the online system and how pupils can access practice tests so you can make sure they're prepared.