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  • Pupil questionnaires: online safety, cyberbullying and social networking Are there pupil surveys on online safety? We link to examples of questionnaires for pupils of different ages that include questions on online safety, cyberbullying and social networking. You will also find questionnaires for parents, and a video on educating primary pupils about social media.
  • Pupil questionnaires: wellbeing With assuring pupil wellbeing likely to be at the top of your agenda post-lockdown, see examples of pupil questionnaires used to assess overall wellbeing, bullying, physical activity and healthy eating. Use our pupil survey pack to help you write your own.
  • Pupil survey pack Everything you need to create your survey – a statement bank covering a range of topics, a survey template and a letter to pupils. Plus, examples from schools.
  • Pupil surveys: subject specific (primary) Are you a subject leader looking to survey your pupils? Download our statement bank – it covers a range of subjects, and includes a survey template and letter to pupils. Plus, see examples from schools.
  • Pupil voice questions: teaching and learning Use our question banks for primary and secondary pupils in Key Stage (KS)1 through to KS4, to help you talk to your pupils about their learning in class or in focus groups.