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  • Pay award for teachers in 2021 Make sure you know what the teacher pay ranges and, teaching and learning responsibility (TLR) payments for 2021/22 are, as well as how to apply them. Find the pay ranges in the current STPCD all in one place.
  • Pay progression on the main pay range Teachers employed under the STPCD must be considered for pay progression annually. See DfE guidance on judging performance on the main pay range (MPR), and read expert advice on how to assess teachers' performance and who ultimately makes the decision.
  • Pay progression on the upper pay range Learn about pay progression for teachers on the upper pay range (UPR) and see answers to common questions.
  • Recruitment and retention awards School staff employed under the STPCD and the Green Book can receive recruitment and retention awards in certain circumstances. Read guidance, including union advice, and download our template letter for notifying staff when you want to grant a payment.
  • School teachers' pay and progression: summary table Download our summary table to see the STPCD's rules on teacher pay ranges, eligibility criteria, possible allowances and professional standards - from an unqualified teacher through to the headteacher.
  • Teachers' pay award 2021: cheat sheet Unsure how the latest changes to teacher pay affect your school? Get up to speed with our cheat sheet.
  • Teachers' pay grant: what you need to know UpdatedUnderstand how the teachers' pay grant is funded. Find out who is eligible, how your school's allocation will be calculated, and how you can spend the grant.
  • Unqualified teachers: pay Make sure you know how unqualified teachers should be paid in your school. Take a look at our overview of the pay range and allowances for unqualified teachers, and how to manage their pay progression.