Last reviewed on 5 May 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 42388

There are 3 approaches to choose from to deliver early career teacher (ECT) induction. Read this advice to help you pick the best option for your school, including important factors to consider.

What are our options?

Settings that are required, or choose, to offer statutory induction to new teachers must offer a 2-year induction based on the Early Career Framework (ECF) (as explained in our summary). 

Headteachers have to make sure an appropriate ECF-based induction programme is in place, and that mentors who support early career teachers (ECTs) have the ability to carry out their role effectively (as per page 35 of the statutory guidance).

Funded provider-led programme - a DfE-accredited provider designs and delivers training to ECTs and their mentors, funded by the DfE DfE-based, school-delivered programme - you deliver your own ECT and mentor support, using freely available DfE-accredited materials School-designed and delivered programme - you design and deliver your own induction programme, including