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  • Role of a deputy headteacher (primary) UpdatedUnderstand the role and responsibilities of a deputy headteacher in a primary school and which duties might be appropriate for a deputy head in your school.
  • Role of an executive headteacher Is there guidance on the role of an executive headteacher? This article looks at when an executive headteacher might be appointed and what the role involves. You will also find advice for new executive headteachers.
  • SENCO: role and responsibilities Get an overview of the special educational needs co-ordinator's role and a list of their main responsibilities.
  • Strategic responsibilities of school leaders Are there any examples of strategic tasks for the SLT and teachers? This article links to examples of strategic responsibilities from schools for different senior leadership team (SLT) positions. We also point to examples for phase leaders and subject leaders.
  • Subject leader: role and responsibilities Get to grips with the nature of the role and the responsibilities of a subject leader, so you can develop an effective model of middle leadership.